Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Introduction to Novice Urban Gardening in Manila

I'm sorting out my blogs as right now everything seems to be in one place, so I created this separate blog to talk about urban gardening in Manila. I am a novice gardener who recently discovered that I have a green thumb and a passion for gardening.

This started after we moved to our new apartment where there's a small patch of grassy land as a front yard. And so my project began with an agenda of making one side of our garden yummy and the other side pretty.

I'm determined to make this a pretty and yummy garden.

On 20th of October, I started sowing some vegetable and herb seeds. I was just intending to grow lavender but since there were other seeds in the packet (chives, rocket, parsley,basil and dill) I decided to plant them as well. I also bought a few vegetable seeds like radish, pole beans, upland kang kong (Chinese greens), eggplant, okra which are in a pack called Sinigang Mix. I also bought carnation and planted it along side my lavender.

Initially, it was really just the lavender that I was interested in because I was curious whether it could grow here in the tropics. I have another post a few days ago about growing lavender in the Philippines and also uploaded a video about it on youtube:

In the coming days, I will be updating you with about lessons learned first hand from my plants as well as interesting gardening articles I found on web. If you are interested about gardening, follow me on my urban garden adventure into hopefully becoming a seasoned gardener.